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July 4, 2022

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What is the main purpose of using an NTP server on FortiAnalyzer and all of its registered devices?

A. Log correlation
B. Host name resolution
C. Log collection
D. Real-time forwarding


On the RAID management page, the disk status is listed as Initializing.
What does the status Initializing indicate about what the FortiAnalyzer is currently doing?

A. FortiAnalyzer is ensuring that the parity data of a redundant drive is valid
B. FortiAnalyzer is writing data to a newly added hard drive to restore it to an optimal state
C. FortiAnalyzer is writing to all of its hard drives to make the array fault-tolerant
D. FortiAnalyzer is functioning normally


What statements are true regarding FortiAnalyzer \’s treatment of high availability (HA) dusters? (Choose two)

A. FortiAnalyzer distinguishes different devices by their serial number.
B. FortiAnalyzer receives logs from d devices in a duster.
C. FortiAnalyzer receives bags only from the primary device in the cluster.
D. FortiAnalyzer only needs to know (the serial number of the primary device in the cluster-it automatically discovers the other devices.


For which two SAML roles can the FortiAnalyzer be configured? (Choose two.)

A. Principal
B. Service provider
C. Identity collector
D. Identity provider


Which two constraints can impact the amount of reserved disk space required by FortiAnalyzer? (Choose two.)

A. License type
B. Disk size
C. Total quota
D. RAID level


How can you configure FortiAnalyzer to permit administrator logins from only specific locations?

A. Use static routes
B. Use administrative profiles
C. Use trusted hosts
D. Use secure protocols


What statements are true regarding disk log quota? (Choose two)

A. The FortiAnalyzer stops logging once the disk log quota is met.
B. The FortiAnalyzer automatically sets the disk log quota based on the device.
C. The FortiAnalyzer can overwrite the oldest logs or stop logging once the disk log quota is met.
D. The FortiAnalyzer disk log quota is configurable but has a minimum o 100MB and a maximum based on the reserved system space.


Which daemon is responsible for enforcing raw log file size?

A. logfile
B. often
C. SQL plugin
D. miglogd


How does FortiAnalyzer retrieve specific log data from the database?

A. SQL FROM statement
B. SQL GET statement
C. SQL SELECT statement
D. SQL EXTRACT statement


You\’ve moved a registered logging device out of one ADOM and into a new ADOM. What happens when you rebuild the new ADOM database?

A. FortiAnalyzer resets the disk quota of the new ADOM to default.
B. FortiAnalyzer migrates archive logs to the new ADOM.
C. FortiAnalyzer migrates analytics logs to the new ADOM.
D. FortiAnalyzer removes logs from the old ADOM.


On FortiAnalyzer, what is a wildcard administrator account?

A. An account that permits access to members of an LDAP group
B. An account that allows guest access with read-only privileges
C. An account that requires two-factor authentication
D. An account that validates against any user account on a FortiAuthenticator


Refer to the exhibit.

What does the data point at 14:55 tell you?

A. The received rate is almost at its maximum for this device
B. The sqlplugind daemon is behind in log indexing by two logs
C. Logs are being dropped
D. Raw logs are reaching FortiAnalyzer faster than they can be indexed


You need to upgrade your FortiAnalyzer firmware.
What happens to the logs being sent to FortiAnalyzer from FortiGate during the time FortiAnalyzer is temporarily unavailable?

A. FortiAnalyzer uses log fetching to retrieve the logs when back online
B. FortiGate uses the miglogd process to cache the logs
C. The logfile process stores logs in offline mode
D. Logs are dropped


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