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May 29, 2023
NSE6_FWF-6.4 exam

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NSE6_FWF-6.4 Exam Questions Online Practice Test

FromNumber of exam questionsExam nameLast updated
Lead4Pass15Fortinet NSE 6 – Secure Wireless LAN 6.4NSE6_FWF-6.4 dumps

NSE6_FWF-6.4 Exam Questions (Q1-Q15)

Question 16:

Which two configurations are compatible with Wireless Single Sign-On (WSSO)? (Choose two.)

A. A VAP configured for captive portal authentication

B. A VAP configured for WPA2 or 3 Enterprise

C. A VAP configured to authenticate locally on FortiGate

D. A VAP configured to authenticate using a radius server

Correct Answer: BD

In the SSID choose WPA2-Enterprise authentication.

WSSO is RADIUS-based authentication that passes the user\’s user group memberships to the FortiGate.

Reference: https://fortinetweb.s3.amazonaws.com/docs.fortinet.com/v2/attachments/b92a67f9-73a6-11ea9384-00505692583a/FortiWiFi_and_FortiAP-6.4.2-Configuration_Guide.pdf

Question 17:

Which statement describes FortiPresence location map functionality?

A. Provides real-time insight into user movements

B. Provides real-time insight into user online activity

C. Provides real-time insight into user purchase activity

D. Provides real-time insight into user usage stats

Correct Answer: D

This geographical data analysis provides real-time insights into user behavior.

Reference: https://fortinetweb.s3.amazonaws.com/docs.fortinet.com/v2/attachments/05d8bae1-5f3c-11e981a4-00505692583a/FortiPresence-v2.0.1-getting-started.pdf

Question 18:

When deploying a wireless network that is authenticated using EAP PEAP, which two configurations are required? (Choose two.)

A. An X.509 certificate to authenticate the client

B. An X.509 to authenticate the authentication server

C. A WPA2 or WPA3 personal wireless network

D. A WPA2 or WPA3 Enterprise wireless network

Correct Answer: AB

X.509 certificates and work for connections that use Secure Socket Layer/Transport Level Security (SSL/ TLS). Both client and server certificates have additional requirements.

Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/networking/technologies/nps/nps-managecert-requirements

Question 19:

Which two phases are part of the process to plan a wireless design project? (Choose two.)

A. Project information phase

B. Hardware selection phase

C. Site survey phase

D. Installation phase

Correct Answer: CD

Reference: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/computer-science/wireless-site-survey https://www.automation.com/en-us/articles/2015-2/wireless-device-network-planning-and-design

Question 20:

What type of design model does FortiPlanner use in wireless design projects?

A. Architectural model

B. Predictive model

C. Analytical model

D. Integration model

Correct Answer: A

FortiPlanner will look familiar to anyone who has used architectural or home design software. Reference: http://en.hackdig.com/?7883.htm

Question 21:

How are wireless clients assigned to a dynamic VLAN configured for hash mode?

A. Using the current number of wireless clients connected to the SSID and the number of IPs available in the least busy VLAN

B. Using the current number of wireless clients connected to the SSID and the number of clients allocated to each of the VLANs

C. Using the current number of wireless clients connected to the SSID and the number of VLANs available in the pool

D. Using the current number of wireless clients connected to the SSID and the group the FortiAP is a member of

Correct Answer: C

VLAN from the VLAN pool is based on a hash of the current number of SSID clients and the number of entries in the VLAN pool.

Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortiap/7.0.1/fortiwifi-and-fortiap-configuration-guide/376326/ configuring-dynamic-user-vlan-assignment

Question 22:

Which two statements about background rogue scanning are correct? (Choose two.)

A. A dedicated radio configured for background scanning can support the connection of wireless clients

B. When detecting rogue APs, a dedicated radio configured for background scanning can suppress the rogue AP

C. Background rogue scanning requires DARRP to be enabled on the AP instance

D. A dedicated radio configured for background scanning can detect rogue devices on all other channels in its configured frequency band.

Correct Answer: AB

To enable rogue AP scanning

Reference: https://fortinetweb.s3.amazonaws.com/docs.fortinet.com/v2/attachments/723e20ad-509811e9-94bf-00505692583a/FortiWiFi_and_FortiAP-6.2.0-Configuration_Guide.pdf

Question 23:

As a standard best practice, which configuration should be performed before configuring FortiAPs using a FortiGate wireless controller?

A. Create wireless LAN-specific policies

B. Preauthorize APs

C. Create a custom AP profile

D. Set the wireless controller country setting

Correct Answer: C

Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortiap/6.4.1/fortiwifi-and-fortiap-configuration-guide/547298/complex-wireless-network-example

Question 24:

When enabling security fabric on the FortiGate interface to manage FortiAPs, which two types of communication channels are established between FortiGate and FortiAPs? (Choose two.)

A. Control channels

B. Security channels

C. FortLink channels

D. Data channels

Correct Answer: AD

The control channel for managing traffic, which is always encrypted by DTLS. l The data channel for carrying client data packets.

Reference: https://fortinetweb.s3.amazonaws.com/docs.fortinet.com/v2/attachments/ac61f4d3-ce67-11e98977-00505692583a/FortiWiFi_and_FortiAP-6.2-Cookbook.pdf

Question 25:

When configuring Auto TX Power control on an AP radio, which two statements best describe how the radio responds? (Choose two.)

A. When the AP detects any other wireless signal stronger than -70 dBm, it will reduce its transmission power until it reaches the minimum configured TX power limit.

B. When the AP detects PF Interference from an unknown source such as a cordless phone with a signal stronger than -70 dBm, it will increase its transmission power until it reaches the maximum configured TX power limit.

C. When the AP detects any wireless client signal weaker than -70 dBm, it will reduce its transmission power until it reaches the maximum configured TX power limit.

D. When the AP detects any interference from a trusted neighboring AP stronger than -70 dBm, it will reduce its transmission power until it reaches the minimum configured TX power limit.

Correct Answer: AC

Reference: https://www.watchguard.com/help/docs/help-center/en-US/Content/en-US/Fireware/wireless/ ap_wireless_signalstrength_c.html

Question 26:

What is the first discovery method used by FortiAP to locate the FortiGate wireless controller in the default configuration?


B. Static

C. Broadcast

D. Multicast

Correct Answer: A

Question 27:

Six APs are located in a remotely based branch office and are managed by a centrally hosted FortiGate. Multiple wireless users frequently connect and roam between the APs in the remote office.

The network they connect to is secured with WPA2-PSK. As currently configured, the WAN connection between the branch office and the centrally hosted FortiGate is unreliable.

Which configuration would enable the most reliable wireless connectivity for remote clients?

A. Configure a tunnel mode wireless network and enable split tunneling to the local network

B. Configure a bridge mode wireless network and enable the Local standalone configuration option

C. Configure a bridge mode wireless network and enable the Local authentication configuration option

D. Install supported FortiAP and configure a bridge mode wireless network

Correct Answer: A

Question 13:

When using FortiPresence as a captive portal, which two types of public authentication services can be used to access guest Wi-Fi? (Choose two.)

A. Social networks authentication

B. Software security token authentication

C. Short message service authentication

D. Hardware security token authentication

Correct Answer: AD

This information along with the social network authentication logins with Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, or FortiPresence using your WiFi.

Captive Portal configurations for social media logins and internet access. You can add and manage sites using the integrated Google Maps and maneuver your hardware infrastructure easily.

Reference: https://fortinetweb.s3.amazonaws.com/docs.fortinet.com/v2/attachments/e126e498-eabb11eb-97f7-00505692583a/FortiPresence-21.3-Administration_Guide.pdf

Question 29:

Refer to the exhibits.

Exhibit A

Latest NSE6_FWF-6.4 practice questions 29

Exhibit B

Latest NSE6_FWF-6.4 practice questions 29-1

A wireless network has been created to support a group of users in a specific area of a building. The wireless network is configured but users are unable to connect to it. The exhibits show the relevant controller configuration for the APs and the wireless network.

Which two configuration changes will resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

A. For both interfaces in the wtp-profile, configure set vapes to be “Authors”

B. Disable intra-vap-privacy for the Author’s vap-wireless network

C. For both interfaces in the wtp-profile, configure vap-all to be manual

D. Increase the transmission power of the AP radio interfaces

Correct Answer: BC

Question 30:

Part of the location service registration process is to link FortiAPs in FortiPresence.

Which two management services can configure the discovered AP registration information from the FortiPresence cloud? (Choose two.)

A. AP Manager

B. FortiAP Cloud

C. FortiSwitch

D. FortiGate

Correct Answer: BD

FortiGate, FortiCloud wireless access points (send visitor data in the form of station reports directly to FortiPresence)

Reference: https://fortinetweb.s3.amazonaws.com/docs.fortinet.com/v2/attachments/df877622-c976-11e98977-00505692583a/FortiPresence-v4.3-release-notes.pdf

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