Latest Popular Fortinet NSE6_FAD-6.2 Exam Success Methods

May 17, 2023
Fortinet NSE6_FAD-6.2 Exam

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Part of Fortinet NSE6_FAD-6.2 exam questions online practice test:

FromNumber of exam questionsExam nameExam code
Lead4Pass15Fortinet NSE 6 – FortiADC 6.2NSE6_FAD-6.2
Question 1:

Refer to the exhibit.

Latest Fortinet NSE6_FAD-6.2 exam questions 1
Latest Fortinet NSE6_FAD-6.2 exam questions 1-1

The exhibit shows the Basic and general tabs of a virtual server configuration.

Why is the Scripting option not available?

A. Scripting is not supported when using a RADIUS profile

B. Scripting is not supported when using round-robin load balancing

C. Scripting is not supported on Layer 7-type virtual servers.

Correct Answer: C

Question 2:

An administrator has learned that some of the corporate web servers were exploited using SQL injection attacks. What should the administrator do to verify their web servers are not susceptible to the exploits?

A. Configure WVS

B. Configure a database health check

C. Configure DNSSEC

D. Configure SSLi

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

Which two statements about Layer 7 application delivery control are true? (Choose two.)

A. It provides more intelligent traffic distribution decisions

B. It provides the fastest traffic processing

C. It supports only IPv4

D. It requires more packets to make a decision

Correct Answer: AD

Question 4:

An organization has decided to automate specific tasks by leveraging the fortiADC REST API. The tasks will perform updates to existing items. Which REST API method should you use to update existing items on FortiADC?





Correct Answer: D

Question 5:

When configuring an aFortiADC configuration backup, which two options are available for designating a storage location for the configuration file? (Choose two.)


B. FortiADC local storage

C. Local PC/Server

D. FortiCloud

Correct Answer: BC

Question 6:

Which two FortiADC features can you um to harden the device and server security? (Choose two.)

A. Connection limits

B. Web filtering

C. Antivirus scanning

D. FortiGuard IP reputation

Correct Answer: AD

Question 7:

Refer to the exhibits.

Latest Fortinet NSE6_FAD-6.2 exam questions 7

Which shows the HA configurations for two FortiADC devices

If both FortiADC devices are operational, which FortiADC is the active device in the cluster?

A. The FortiADC with the highest HA uptime value

B. The FortiADC with the highest sorting serial number

C. FortiADC-1

D. FortiADC-2

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

A web administrator wants to configure a new virtual server to deliver HTTP content to end users.

Which three components are mandatory to accomplish this? (Choose three.)

A. Load balancing method

B. Real server pool

C. Server persistence

D. Health check

E. Application profile

Correct Answer: ABE

Question 9:

To which two objects can link policies apply in FortiADC? (Choose two.)

A. Virtual tunnel

B. Virtual server

C. Gateway

D. Link Group

Correct Answer: AD

Question 10:

Which load balancing method requires the use of an SNMP health check?

A. Destination IP hash

B. Round robin

C. Dynamic load

D. Least connection

Correct Answer: C

Question 11:

When using FortiADC in a global load balancing configuration, in which two ways do general DNS settings differ from a global DNS policy? (Choose two.)

A. Traffic not matching a global DNS policy is served by the general DNS settings

B. Traffic matching source or destination criteria is served by the general DNS policy.

C. Traffic matching the zone, as well as both source and destination criteria, is served by the global DNS policy.

D. Traffic not matching general DNS settings is served by a matching global DNS policy.

Correct Answer: AC

Question 12:

Refer to the exhibit.

Latest Fortinet NSE6_FAD-6.2 exam questions 12

FortiADC is applying SNAT to all inbound traffic going to the servers. When an attack occurs, FortiWeb blocks traffic based on the source IP address, which belongs to FortiADC. The setup is breaking all connectivity and genuine clients are not able to access the servers.

What must the administrator do to avoid this problem? (Choose two.)

A. Enable the Use X-Forwarded-For setting on FortiWeb.

B. No Special configuration is required; connectivity will be re-established after the set timeout.

C. Place FortiWeb in front of FortiADC.

D. Enable the Add X-Forwarded-For setting on FortiWeb.

Correct Answer: AC

Question 13:

Which are the two advantages of TCP multiplexing? (Choose two.)

A. it reduces the number of TCP sessions that the server

B. it allows FortiADC to balance a client TCP connection among multiple servers

C. A new client connection does not need to wait for a new FortiADC-to-server connection

D. It reduces the number of TCP sessions that clients need to establish

Correct Answer: AB

Question 14:

Which two statements about FortiADC logs are true? (Choose two.)

A. They can be stored on FortiCloud.

B. They can be uploaded automatically to an FTP server.

C. Only logs with seventy levels equal to or greater than that configured log Severity level are generated.

D. They can record events related to security features.

Correct Answer: CD

Question 15:

Refer to the exhibit.

Latest Fortinet NSE6_FAD-6.2 exam questions 15

The exhibit shows the first few lines of three scripts, and a virtual server configuration leveraging these scripts.

Based on the way FortiADC prioritizes script execution, in what order will the scripts execute?




Correct Answer: A

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