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May 24, 2023

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FromNumber of exam questionsExam nameExam code
Lead4Pass15Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiAnalyzer 7.0NSE5_FAZ-7.0
Question 1:

What is the purpose of output variables?

A. To store playbook execution statistics

B. To use the output of the previous task as the input of the current task

C. To display details of the connectors used by a playbook

D. To save all the task settings when a playbook is exported

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

What statements are true regarding the “store and upload” log transfer option between FortiAnalyzer and FortiGate? (Choose three.)

A. All FortiGates can send logs to FortiAnalyzer using the store and upload option.

B. Only FortiGate models with hard disks can send logs to FortiAnalyzer using the store and upload option.

C. Both secure communications methods (SSL and IPsec) allow the store and upload option.

D. Disk logging is enabled on the FortiGate through the CLI only.

E. Disk logging is enabled by default on the FortiGate.

Correct Answer: BCD

Question 3:

On FortiAnalyzer, what is a wildcard administrator account?

A. An account that permits access to members of an LDAP group

B. An account that allows guest access with read-only privileges

C. An account that requires two-factor authentication

D. An account that validates against any user account on a FortiAuthenticator

Correct Answer: A

https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortigate/6.2.0/cookbook/747268/configuring-wildcard- admin-accounts

Question 4:

Why should you use an NTP server on FortiAnalyzer and all registered devices that log into FortiAnalyzer?

A. To properly correlate logs

B. To use real-time forwarding

C. To resolve host names

D. To improve DNS response times

Correct Answer: A

Study Guide 7.0 page 30: Synchronize the time on FortiAnalyzer and all Registered devices with an NTP server for correct log correlation.

Question 5:

Which statement is true when you are upgrading the firmware on an HA cluster made up of two FortiAnalyzer devices?

A. First, upgrade the secondary device, and then upgrade the primary device.

B. Both FortiAnalyzer devices will be upgraded at the same time.

C. You can enable uninterruptible-upgrade so that the normal FortiAnalyzer operations are not interrupted while the cluster firmware upgrades.

D. You can perform the firmware upgrade using only a console connection.

Correct Answer: A


>To upgrade firmware for a cluster, Fortinet recommends upgrading the HA secondary units first, followed by the HA primary unit last.

Question 6:

Which statement correctly describes the management extensions available on FortiAnalyzer?

A. Management extensions do not require additional licenses.

B. Management extensions may require a minimum number of CPU cores to run.

C. Management extensions allow FortiAnalyzer to act as a FortiSIEM supervisor.

D. Management extensions require a dedicated VM for best performance.

Correct Answer: B

Events in FortiAnalyzer will be in one of four statuses. The current status will determine if more actions need to be taken by the security team or not.

The possible statuses are:

Unhandled: The security event risk is not mitigated or contained, so it is considered open.

Contained: The risk source is isolated.

Mitigated: The security risk is mitigated by being blocked or dropped.

(Blank): Other scenarios.

FortiAnalyzer_7.0_Study_Guide-Online page. 189.

Question 7:

Refer to the exhibit.

Latest NSE5_FAZ-7.0 exam questions 7

The exhibit shows “remoteservergroup” is an authentication server group with LDAP and RADIUS servers.

Which two statements express the significance of enabling “Match all users on remote server” when configuring a new administrator? (Choose two.)

A. It creates a wildcard administrator using LDAP and RADIUS servers.

B. Administrators can log in to FortiAnalyzer using their credentials on remote servers LDAP and RADIUS.

C. Use remote admin from LDAP and RADIUS servers will be able to log in to FortiAnalyzer at any time.

D. It allows administrators to use two-factor authentication.

Correct Answer: AB

Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortimanager/7.0.1/administration- guide/858351/creating-administrators

Question 8:

View the exhibit:

Latest NSE5_FAZ-7.0 exam questions 8

What does the 1000MB maximum for disk utilization refer to?

A. The disk quota for the FortiAnalyzer model

B. The disk quota for all devices in the ADOM

C. The disk quota for each device in the ADOM

D. The disk quota for the ADOM type

Correct Answer: B

https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortianalyzer/6.2.0/administration- guide/743670/configuring-log-storage-policy

Question 9:

On the RAID management page, the disk status is listed as Initializing.

What does the status Initializing indicate about what the FortiAnalyzer is currently doing?

A. FortiAnalyzer is ensuring that the parity data of a redundant drive is valid

B. FortiAnalyzer is writing data to a newly added hard drive to restore it to an optimal state

C. FortiAnalyzer is writing to all of its hard drives to make the array fault tolerant

D. FortiAnalyzer is functioning normally

Correct Answer: C


https://fortinetweb.s3.amazonaws.com/docs.fortinet.com/v2/attachments/4cb0dce6-dbef- 11e9-8977-00505692583a/FortiAnalyzer-5.6.10-Administration-Guide.pdf (40)

Question 10:

An administrator has moved FortiGate A from the root ADOM to ADOM1. However, the administrator is not able to generate reports for FortiGate A in ADOM1.

What should the administrator do to solve this issue?

A. Use the execute sql-local rebuild-db command to rebuild all ADOM databases.

B. Use the execute sql-local rebuild-adom ADOM1 command to rebuild the ADOM database.

C. Use the execute sql-report run ADOM1 command to run a report.

D. Use the execute sql-local rebuild-adom root command to rebuild the ADOM database.

Correct Answer: B

Reference: https://help.fortinet.com/fmgr/cli/5-6- 1/FortiManager_CLI_Reference/700_execute/sql-local+.htm

Question 11:

What is the purpose of employing RAID with FortiAnalyzer?

A. To introduce redundancy to your log data

B. To provide data separation between ADOMs

C. To separate analytical and archive data

D. To back up your logs

Correct Answer: A

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID#:~:text=RAID%20(%22Redundant%20Array%20of%20In expensive,%2C%20performance%20improvement%2C%20or%20both.

Question 12:

What purposes does the auto-cache setting on reports serve? (Choose two.)

A. To reduce the report generation time

B. To automatically update the cache when new logs arrive

C. To reduce the log insert lag rate

D. To provide diagnostics on report generation time

Correct Answer: AB

Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortianalyzer/6.0.0/administration- guide/282280/enabling-autocache

Question 13:

What does the disk status Degraded mean for RAID management?

A. One or more drives are missing from the FortiAnalyzer unit. The drive is no longer available to the operating system.

B. The FortiAnalyzer device is writing to all the hard drives on the device in order to make the array fault tolerant.

C. The FortiAnalyzer device is writing data to a newly added hard drive in order to restore the hard drive to an optimal state.

D. The hard drive is no longer being used by the RAID controller

Correct Answer: D

Question 14:

Which two statements are true regarding fabric connectors? (Choose two.)

A. Configuring fabric connectors to send notifications to the ITSM platform upon incident creation Is more efficient than third-party information from the FortiAnalyzer API.

B. Fabric connectors allow to save storage costs and improve redundancy.

C. Storage connector service does not require a separate license to send logs to a cloud platform.

D. Cloud-Out connections allow you to send real-time logs to public cloud accounts like Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and Google Cloud.

Correct Answer: AD

Question 15:

You have recently grouped multiple FortiGate devices into a single ADOM. System Settings > Storage Info shows the quota used. What does the disk quota refer to?

A. The maximum disk utilization for each device in the ADOM

B. The maximum disk utilization for the FortiAnalyzer model

C. The maximum disk utilization for the ADOM type

D. The maximum disk utilization for all devices in the ADOM

Correct Answer: D

page 66 FortiAnalyzer_6.4_Study_Guide

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