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November 12, 2021

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Question 1:

By default, what happens when a log file reaches its maximum file size?

A. FortiAnalyzer overwrites the log files.

B. FortiAnalyzer stops logging.

C. FortiAnalyzer rolls the active log by renaming the file.

D. FortiAnalyzer forwards logs to Syslog.


Correct Answer: C

Question 2:


Which statements are correct regarding FortiAnalyzer reports? (Choose two)

A. FortiAnalyzer provides the ability to create custom reports.

B. FortiAnalyzer glows you to schedule reports to run.

C. FortiAnalyzer includes pre-defined reports only.

D. FortiAnalyzer allows reporting for FortiGate devices only.


Correct Answer: AB

Question 3:


Refer to the exhibit.

new NSE5_FAZ-6.2 dumps questions 3

What does the data point at 14:55 tell you?

A. The received rate is almost at its maximum for this device

B. The sqlplugind daemon is behind in log indexing by two logs

C. Logs are being dropped

D. Raw logs are reaching FortiAnalyzer faster than they can be indexed


Correct Answer: C

Question 4:


On FortiAnalyzer, what is a wildcard administrator account?

A. An account that permits access to members of an LDAP group

B. An account that allows guest access with read-only privileges

C. An account that requires two-factor authentication

D. An account that validates against any user account on a FortiAuthenticator


Correct Answer: D

Question 5:


How does FortiAnalyzer retrieve specific log data from the database?

A. SQL FROM statement

B. SQL GET statement

C. SQL SELECT statement

D. SQL EXTRACT statement


Correct Answer: C

Question 6:


For which two purposes would you use the command set log checksum? (Choose two.)

A. To help protect against man-in-the-middle attacks during log upload from FortiAnalyzer to an SFTP server

B. To prevent log modification or tampering

C. To encrypt log communications

D. To send an identical set of logs to a second logging server


Correct Answer: AB

To prevent the log in the store from being modified, you can add a log checksum by using the config system global command.

When the log is split, archived, and the log is uploaded (if the feature is enabled), you can configure the FortiAnalyzer to log the log file hash value, timestamp, and authentication code.

This can help defend against man-in-the-middle attacks when uploading log transmission data from the FortiAnalyzer to the SFTP server.

Question 7:


FortiAnalyzer uses the Optimized Fabric Transfer Protocok (OFTP) over SSL for what purpose?

A. To upload logs to an SFTP server

B. To prevent log modification during backup

C. To send an identical set of logs to a second logging server

D. To encrypt log communication between devices


Correct Answer: D

Question 8:


What remote authentication servers can you configure to validate your FortiAnalyzer administrator logins? (Choose three)


B. Local





Correct Answer: ACE

Question 9:


Logs are being deleted from one of the ADOMs earlier than the configured setting for archiving in the data policy.

What is the most likely problem?

A. CPU resources are too high

B. Logs in that ADOM are being forwarded, in real-time, to another FortiAnalyzer device

C. The total disk space is insufficient and you need to add another disk

D. The ADOM disk quota is set too low, based on log rates


Correct Answer: D


Question 10:


View the exhibit:

new NSE5_FAZ-6.2 dumps questions 10

What does the 1000MB maximum for disk utilization refer to?

A. The disk quota for the FortiAnalyzer model

B. The disk quota for all devices in the ADOM

C. The disk quota for each device in the ADOM

D. The disk quota for the ADOM type


Correct Answer: B

Question 11:


When you perform a system backup, what does the backup configuration contain? (Choose two.)

A. Generated reports

B. Device list

C. Authorized devices logs

D. System information


Correct Answer: BD

Question 12:


You are using RAID with a FortiAnalyzer that supports software RAID, and one of the hard disks on FortiAnalyzer has failed.

What is the recommended method to replace the disk?

A. Shut down FortiAnalyzer and then replace the disk

B. Downgrade your RAID level, replace the disk, and then upgrade your RAID level

C. Clear all RAID alarms and replace the disk while FortiAnalyzer is still running

D. Perform a hot swap


Correct Answer: D


Question 13:


What statements are true regarding the disk log quota? (Choose two) A. The FortiAnalyzer stops logging once the disk log quota is met.

B. The FortiAnalyzer automatically sets the disk log quota based on the device.

C. The FortiAnalyzer can overwrite the oldest logs or stop logging once the disk log quota is met.

D. The FortiAnalyzer disk log quota is configurable but has a minimum o 100MB a maximum based on the reserved system space.


Correct Answer: CD

Question 14:


What purposes does the auto-cache setting on reports serve? (Choose two.)

A. To reduce report generation time

B. To automatically update the cache when new logs arrive

C. To reduce the log insert lag rate

D. To provide diagnostics on report generation time


Correct Answer: AB


Question 15:


Which statements are true of Administrative Domains (ADOMs) in FortiAnalyzer? (Choose two.)

A. ADOMs are enabled by default.

B. ADOMs constrain other administrator\’s access privileges to a subset of devices in the device list.

C. Once enabled, the Device Manager, FortiView, Event Management, and Reports tab display per ADOM.

D. All administrators can create ADOMs–not just the admin administrator.


Correct Answer: BC


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