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July 26, 2022

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An administrator needs to configure VPN user access for multiple sites using the same soft FortiToken.
Each site has a FortiGate VPN gateway.

What must an administrator do to achieve this objective?

A. The administrator can register the same FortiToken on more than one FortiGate.

B. The administrator must use a FortiAuthenticator device.

C. The administrator can use a third-party radius OTP server.

D. The administrator must use the user self-registration server.


Which three statements are true regarding session-based authentication? (Choose three.)

A. HTTP sessions are treated as a single user.

B. IP sessions from the same source IP address are treated as a single user.

C. It can differentiate among multiple clients behind the same source IP address.

D. It requires more resources.

E. It is not recommended if multiple users are behind the source NAT


Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit shows the IPS sensor configuration.

If traffic matches this IPS sensor, which two actions are the sensor expected to take? (Choose two.)

A. The sensor will gather a packet log for all matched traffic

B. The sensor will allow attackers to match the NTP.Spoofed.KoD.DoS signature

C. The sensor will block all attacks aimed at Windows servers

D. The sensor will reset all connections that match these signatures


Which engine handles application control traffic on the next-generation firewall (NGFW) FortiGate?

A. Antivirus engine

B. Intrusion prevention system engine

C. Flow engine

D. Detection engine


Refer to the exhibit.

Given the interfaces shown in the exhibit. which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. Traffic between port2 and port2-vlan1 is allowed by default.

B. port1-vlan10 and port2-vlan10 are part of the same broadcast domain.

C. port1 is a native VLAN.

D. port1-VLAN and port2-vlan1 can be assigned in the same VDOM or to different VDOMs.


Examine this PAC file configuration.

Which of the following statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. Browsers can be configured to retrieve this PAC file from FortiGate.

B. Any web request to the subnet is allowed to bypass the proxy.

C. All requests not made to or the subnet, have to go through 8060.

D. Any web request to is allowed to bypass the proxy.


Which feature in the Security Fabric takes one or more actions based on event triggers?

A. Security Rating

B. Fabric Connectors

C. Automation Stitches

D. Logical Topology


Examine the IPS sensor and DoS policy configuration shown in the exhibit, then answer the question below.

When detecting attacks, which anomaly, signature, or filter will FortiGate evaluate first?

A. SMTP.Login.Brute.Force

B. IMAP.Login. brute.Force

C. ip_src_session

D. Location: server Protocol: SMTP


Which two statements are correct about the NGFW Policy-based mode? (Choose two.)

A. NGFW policy-based mode does not require the use of central source NAT policy

B. NGFW policy-based mode can only be applied globally and not on individual VDOMs

C. NGFW policy-based mode supports creating applications and web filtering categories directly in a firewall policy

D. NGFW policy-based mode policies support only flow inspection


Refer to the exhibits.

The exhibits show the SSL and authentication policy (Exhibit A) and the security policy (Exhibit B) for Facebook.

Users are given access to the Facebook web application.

They can play video content hosted on Facebook but they are unable to leave reactions on videos or other types of posts.

Which part of the policy configuration must you change to resolve the issue?

A. The SSL inspection needs to be a deep content inspection.

B. Force access to Facebook using the HTTP service.

C. Additional application signatures are required to add to the security policy.

D. Add Facebook in the URL category in the security policy.


Refer to the web filter raw logs.

Based on the raw logs shown in the exhibit, which statement is correct?

A. Social networking web filter category is configured with the action set to authenticate.

B. The action on firewall policy ID 1 is set to warning.

C. Access to the social networking web filter category was explicitly blocked to all users.

D. The name of the firewall policy is all_users_web.


Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit shows proxy policies and proxy addresses, the authentication rule and authentication scheme, users, and firewall address.

An explicit web proxy is configured for subnet range with three explicit web proxy policies.

The authentication rule is configured to authenticate HTTP requests for subnet range with a form-based authentication scheme for the FortiGate local user database.

Users will be prompted for authentication.

How will FortiGate process the traffic when the HTTP request comes from a machine with the source IP to the destination (Choose two.)

A. If a Mozilla Firefox browser is used with User-B credentials, the HTTP request will be allowed.

B. If a Google Chrome browser is used with User-B credentials, the HTTP request will be allowed.

C. If a Mozilla Firefox browser is used with User-A credentials, the HTTP request will be allowed.

D. If a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser is used with User-B credentials, the HTTP request will be allowed.


Which two statements ate true about the Security Fabric rating? (Choose two.)

A. It provides executive summaries of the four largest areas of security focus.

B. Many of the security issues can be fixed immediately by clicking Apply where available.

C. The Security Fabric rating must be run on the root FortiGate device in the Security Fabric.

D. The Security Fabric rating is a free service that comes bundled with alt FortiGate devices.

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