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August 15, 2022

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Fortinet NSE 5 NSE5_FMG-6.4 dumps exam questions and answers:


Which configuration setting for FortiGate is part of a device-level database on FortiManager?

A. VIP and IP Pools
B. Firewall policies
C. Security profiles
D. Routing

Correct Answer: D

The FortiManager stores the FortiGate configuration details in two distinct databases. The device-level database includes configuration details related to device-level settings, such as interfaces, DNS, routing, and more. The ADOM-level database includes configuration details related to firewall policies, objects, and security profiles.


Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement about the object named ALL is true?

A. FortiManager updated the object ALL using the FortiGate value in its database.

B. FortiManager installed the object ALL with the updated value.

C. FortiManager created the object ALL as a unique entity in its database, which can be only used by this managed FortiGate.

D. FortiManager updated the object ALL using the FortiManager value in its database.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator has enabled Service Access on FortiManager.
What is the purpose of Service Access on the FortiManager interface?

A. Allows FortiManager to download IPS packages
B. Allows FortiManager to respond to request for FortiGuard services from FortiGate devices
C. Allows FortiManager to run real-time debugs on the managed devices
D. Allows FortiManager to automatically configure a default route

Correct Answer: B

FortiManager 6.2 Study guide page 350


Refer to the exhibits. Exhibit one.

Exhibit two.

An administrator created a new system template named Training with two new DNS addresses on
FortiManager. During the installation preview stage, the administrator notices that many unset commands
need to be pushed.

What can be the main reason for these unset commands?

A. The DNS addresses in the default system settings are the same as the Training system template
B. The Training system template has other default settings
C. The ADOM is locked by another administrator
D. The Training system template does not have assigned devices

Correct Answer: B


Which two items does an FGFM keepalive message include? (Choose two.)

A. FortiGate uptime
B. FortiGate license information
C. FortiGate IPS version
D. FortiGate configuration checksum

Correct Answer: CD


View the following exhibit.

An administrator has created a firewall address object, Training, which is used in the Local- FortiGate policy package.

When the install operation is performed, which IP Netmask will be installed on the Local-FortiGate, for the Training firewall address object?


B. It will create a firewall address group on Local-FortiGate with and object values


D. Local-FortiGate will automatically choose an IP Network based on its network interface settings.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator\’s PC crashes before the administrator can submit a workflow session for approval. After the PC is restarted, the administrator notices that the ADOM was locked from the session before the crash.
How can the administrator unlock the ADOM?

A. Restore the configuration from a previous backup.
B. Log in as Super_User in order to unlock the ADOM.
C. Log in using the same administrator account to unlock the ADOM.
D. Delete the previous admin session manually through the FortiManager GUI or CLI.

Correct Answer: D


An administrator configures a new firewall policy on FortiManager and has not yet pushed the changes to the managed FortiGate.
In which database will the configuration be saved?

A. Device-level database
B. Revision history database
C. ADOM-level database
D. Configuration-level database

Correct Answer: C



You are moving managed FortiGate devices from one ADOM to a new ADOM.
Which statement correctly describes the expected result?

A. Any pending device settings will be installed automatically
B. Any unused objects from a previous ADOM are moved to the new ADOM automatically
C. The shared policy package will not be moved to the new ADOM
D. Policy packages will be imported into the new ADOM automaticallyD

Correct Answer: C


Which three settings are the factory default settings on FortiManager? (Choose three.)

A. Username is admin
B. Password is fortinet
C. FortiAnalyzer features are disabled
D. Reports and Event Monitor panes are enabled
E. port1 interface IP address is

Correct Answer: ACE


Which two statements about the scheduled backup of FortiManager are true? (Choose two.)

A. It does not back up firmware images saved on FortiManager.
B. It can be configured using the CLI and GUI.
C. It backs up all devices and the FortiGuard database.
D. It supports FTP, SCP, and SFTP.

Correct Answer: AD



An administrator runs the reload failure command: diagnose test deploy manager reload config on FortiManager. What does this command do?

A. It downloads the latest configuration from the specified FortiGate and performs a reload operation on the device database.

B. It installs the latest configuration on the specified FortiGate and updates the revision history database.

C. It compares and provides differences in the configuration on FortiManager with the current running configuration of the specified FortiGate.

D. It installs the provisioning template configuration on the specified FortiGate.

Correct Answer: A



What does a policy package status of Modified indicate?

A. FortiManager is unable to determine the policy package status

B. The policy package was never imported after a device was registered on FortiManager

C. The Policy configuration has been changed on a managed device and changes have not yet been imported into FortiManager

D. The Policy package configuration has been changed on FortiManager and changes have not yet been installed on the managed device.

Correct Answer: D

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